Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012 Teacher Ornament

I wanted to come up with a very special gift for my daughter's teacher - she has been her teacher for 3 grades. She was her teacher for Kindergarten  grade 3 & now grade four. Although she has a new name this year as she got married the same weekend as my sister!! 
However this is also the last year my little girl will be in elementary - next year will be middle school :(

Here is what I came up with:

 The front
The back

I put it all together in a heat & serve Tupperware container, I ordered a cool wooden ruler that says 'Mrs. Thompson Measures Up', and a stamp from the desk of Mrs. Thompson - from Pick your plum of course :)  I included some dark chocolates for her from Purdy's... mmmmmm - Yes I am a firm believer in spoiling our teachers, after all they are responsible for caring for my children while they are at school and not with me! 
I believe my daughter has been VERY blessed with the TWO, yes, only two teachers she has had in the last 5 years of school! 
I couldn't have hand picked anyone better suited to teach her!

Till next time,

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