Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Cheer

I have been SO busy with getting everything ready for the holidays - I haven't had time for blogging...
Well I've been checking up on other's posts, but haven't had much time for my own.

Today I had a few moms over to help me make the teacher's gifts for my daughter's elementary school. We have almost 50 staff there, so we make 55 to be sure no one is missed. If there is a sub in, it spreads wonderful Christmas cheer!

I have the birthday candies set - can be used for more than just birthday parties :)
I used the present, star, 'thank you' and 'celebrate' - all perfect for Christmas time!

 The snowman soup stamp set has been revamped into a new fresh form - it's linked at the bottom
This is from the old stamp set by Jaded Blossom

We made snowman soup :)
Hot chocolate - I made a card to put 2 packs into
Candy canes - French Vanilla & Cappachino 
Jaded Blossom stamps - Christmas WishesSnowman poopBirthday Candy

Till next time,

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