Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Back to the Grind

Ok, so I still haven't been able to upload the photos I was hoping for, but I have another card I made for my MIL. She kindly gave me some new to me crafting supplies, including a heat embossing gun!!! I had to make
her a thank you card, so here it is....

 I used a PBD sentiment from the 'Woodland Critters' set. I had to let her know that she made me one 'Happy Camper' .... lol
 I tried my hand at heat embossing, I thought it turned out quite nice!
Here are the bags I made for the Brownies... I hope they really enjoyed them! 

Until next time, 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

A little more fun...

Over the last few days my sister & niece were at my house for a wonderful visit. She is getting married in August, so we tried to get some wedding stuff accomplished and an happy to say, she is well on her way! I absolutely LOVE Pinterest &  got her looking for some great ideas. We came up with the ideas for her super cute favors & she has a few more decorating ideas! It's fantastic. We also found the flower girl dresses for all 3 girls & in their sizes too!!!! Now to find them matching shoes.... that might be a little tougher....

Last Monday evening we had our Valentine's party with my Brownies (7&8 yr old girls) We have 19 girls in our unit & we also meet with the Spark unit as well (5&6 yr old girls) There are 12 girls in their unit. We had a blast! The girls made their bags for their Valentines, they decorated cupcakes & made necklaces. They also had an activity book to work on as well. I made them some really cute treat bags that I am dying to share with you.

Now you'll be really sad when I tell you that they are still on my camera & I will need to upload them on my computer before I can post :( So I guess I know what will be on my list to do tomorrow....

Monday, 13 February 2012

A little more Valentine's fun!

On Friday night Pink By Design had a new stamp set release & announced the new design team! I love their stamps! So of course what better way to spend Friday night, then cuddled up in my computer chair with all my stuff ready for a new project. We make a sweet little box... I fell in love so Saturday while my hubby was working & my 8 yr old was finishing up her 'warm fuzzy' Valentine's, I decided I should make a few more... after all teacher's need a sweet treat too!! And of course I had to make one for my M-I-L as we had a little visit for dinner on Saturday night! And couldn't leave out my co-leaders at Brownies either, after all we are having a pink heart party tonight.... so here we go, simple boxes with room for a sweet saying :) I know I don't even like the 'made up love day'..but it's starting to get to me..maybe it's that I get to craft  and after all...

These little boxes can fit 9 kisses! A couple I put the Hersey Miniature chocolate bars with kisses. You can fit 3 & 3, as I was being frugal & trying to make the mini bars last, but I'm sure you could probably fit 6 bars with 3 kisses :)

These are SO easy to make!

If you'd like to make one too, leave me a comment & I will share with you just how simple these little boxes are!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I'm definitely not one to celebrate the 'made up love day' as I call it. However it's hard when you have kids and it's an  extra day to show them how much you love them. I also think it's a great idea to show them how much I love their dad! I stumbled upon '52 reasons I love you' on Pinterest one day & knew just what I'd be making for my hubby! I began thinking of my 52 things & before I knew it I was having to cross stuff off my list! Boy after 13 years together & 10 years of marriage, I know why I married the man I did!!

 His favorite colors are black & red, so that's the theme I went with! I love how it turned out! 
 I added a bit of ribbon to finish it off :)

I love so many things about my husband & now maybe I'll have to make one for the kids so they know how special they are too!

I helped my 8 yr old make her valentine's a couple weeks ago. They are 3x3 cards & I think they turned out super cute!

 She chose red for the card & a fun Valentine paper from Recollections. I thought a black mat would help them pop! Inside is stamped 'Happy Valentine's Day'

In their class they have been learning about relationships. Therefore they have decided to send 'warm fuzzies' to one another instead of tradition valentine cards. Well we have already stamped them all, so know she can come up with something nice to say about each one of her classmates! A very cute idea for a multi-cultural school.