Monday, 13 February 2012

A little more Valentine's fun!

On Friday night Pink By Design had a new stamp set release & announced the new design team! I love their stamps! So of course what better way to spend Friday night, then cuddled up in my computer chair with all my stuff ready for a new project. We make a sweet little box... I fell in love so Saturday while my hubby was working & my 8 yr old was finishing up her 'warm fuzzy' Valentine's, I decided I should make a few more... after all teacher's need a sweet treat too!! And of course I had to make one for my M-I-L as we had a little visit for dinner on Saturday night! And couldn't leave out my co-leaders at Brownies either, after all we are having a pink heart party tonight.... so here we go, simple boxes with room for a sweet saying :) I know I don't even like the 'made up love day'..but it's starting to get to me..maybe it's that I get to craft  and after all...

These little boxes can fit 9 kisses! A couple I put the Hersey Miniature chocolate bars with kisses. You can fit 3 & 3, as I was being frugal & trying to make the mini bars last, but I'm sure you could probably fit 6 bars with 3 kisses :)

These are SO easy to make!

If you'd like to make one too, leave me a comment & I will share with you just how simple these little boxes are!

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