Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful day it is!!

I woke up to cards, 4 of them, all handmade :) It melts my heart when my hubby & two kids do their best to shoe their love to me!! 
My hubby, with a bit of help from our daughter, made me a card, cuts & stamped! 
My son drew me a card, a funny card with an awesome illustration!
My daughter made me two cards, a coupon book & a poster (which was a surprise). I helped with her grade 4 class to make mother's day cards & I helped with the cards and coupon books at our Brownies/Sparks meeting. So the poster was created all on her own, without me really knowing, other than the 'Mom, where can I find the poster boards'?!

We went out for breakfast to Cora's, my favorite place for breakfast!! I had eggs benny, of course, I never eat anything else there!! We will go out for dinner too. We will be joined by my hubby's family - his Dad, his dad's fiance, Grandma & Grandpa. This will be extra special, as I just lost my Grandma last week, so it will be great to be able to spend a special day with her.

I will give a tidbit on my hubby's Grandmother, aka - my grandma!
She is 93 years old & is one of the strongest women I have ever known! She has a huge heart & cares so much for her family. When she lost her daughter a couple years ago, I wasn't sure she would make it through.... but her she still is, getting older by the day. She is a trooper, was in the military (a staff Sargent), has 2 degrees, one of which she received after she was 50 years old. She is truly an inspiration! 
I see the love that she has for her husband, children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren! I want to feel that much care & love always!!

I ordered a few Stampin Up! items a few weeks ago when there was a free shipping weekend. As a thank you my demonstrator sent me a little card kit. It was an easy assembly job for my DD, so she put it all together for her Great-Grandma!

Sorry for the terrible picture, my phone wasn't cooperating very well!!
Cardstock, Embossing folder, button, twine  - Stampin' Up!
 Happy Mother's Day - Jaded Blossom
Grandma - PBD

Till next time,

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