Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fun Vinyl Projects

My hubby's bday was on Monday & for his bday he went down to the paintball store & picked up a couple items to help him out on the field. 
One of the things he purchased were 4 new 'pods'. They are little plastic canisters to hold the paintballs. After we left the store he preceded to inform me that he loses these pods on the field. Well how can that be? I told him maybe I should label them so that if he drops them on the field everyone will know they belong to him, and he hopefully won't loose them. 

 Here's a new little decal for his helmet.

One of the guys came over last night & saw my hubby's pods... Yep, I offered to juice his up too!

 Well after the pods were finished, the helmet was finished, the paintball gun needed something fun... so a smiley face it is.... 

 When he opens the lid to fill it with paint, this is what you'll be looking at ;)

Here it all is, my fun with vinyl this week....

I also dressed up my daughter's mirror, but couldn't get a decent pic without me in it ;)

Till next time, J

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