Sunday, 15 July 2012

Busy Times

Boy oh boy, has it been a very busy few weeks in my house. The beginning of summer has arrived & with it the Calgary Stampede!! We headed down to the grounds last Sunday. It was an extremely hot day! We had a great time, my Dad & step-mom came down to attend it with us. It was the 100th anniversary this year. In my opinion, not much different than most other years, but I don't attend annually either. It breaks my pocket book & I find it to be much more enjoyable to only attend every few years! 

We went to the fireworks last night, they were incredible! There were even some red 100 fireworks in the mix! Awesome presentation!

My youngest is spending the week between her auntie's houses & I miss her like crazy already!! I'm sure she's having a blast. She is attending her Auntie's other bridal shower this afternoon. I'm sure it will be a great time! 

My oldest is getting ready for a week of video game camp, where he will learn to create his own online game. He's so excited! I should make mention that at the end of his school year, he received 6, yes 6 awards. 3 Of which he got to walk across the stage in front of the whole school to receive! Yep, I am one proud Momma!! 

My sister's stagette is coming up on Saturday. I had a few things to get ready, well made for her. I got that all done this morning. Of course I can't post any pics yet, she can't see anything before she gets to wear them ;) 
Just thought I should check in & let you know I haven't forgotten about my blog, just had lots of other stuff on the go. Once the wedding is over & school is in again, I know life will still be busy, just a more comfortable busy I hope :)

Till next time, J

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