Thursday, 10 May 2012

Menu Board

With this whole working outside the home comes big adjustments! Supper is definitely one of them. I'm not home all day everyday to decide what to make, or spend a lot of time prepping. I've been wanting to create a menu board for my kitchen for a few months now. Having to only work 2 days this week, I thought I should get on it.... So I took some time for myself this morning & got my craft on :) I finally made a menu board!! I pinned it quite some time ago & finally had all the supplies I needed... I think it turned out pretty :) 

Now to get with making the menu itself... hopefully I can get that started this afternoon!
I'm sure I'll be on Pinterest a few times to come up with some great ideas! 

I am definitely not a professional photographer, but I'm sure you get the picture :)
I hope this will make dinner around our house a little easier!

 For those who don't know.... I LOVE PINTEREST!!!!! Yep, I've admitted it, so it must be true :)

I've made my mother's day cards & mailed them off, once I know they have been received, I'll post pics. 

I'm off to enjoy a little lunch with my aunt who I haven't had a chance to see since starting work... so I'm sure we will have lots to catch up on! And we all know there is no shortness of conversation unless both our mouths are full at the same time ;)

Till next time,

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Tara Knight said...

Oh I love this!! So cool!